даты заездов:
1) 8-19 июля 2017 года
2)22 июля-2 августа
Знакомьтесь! Новый вид яркого отдыха для детей от 7 до 15 лет - Летние Выездные Проекты.

Что это такое?
Оригинальная тема
Предлагаем лето-2017 провести в роли Супергероя. Ты узнаешь, как подчинить себе Стихии, овладеть таинственными Силами и Знаниями, познакомишься с настоящими Супергероями и раскроишь свои сверхвозможности!
Уникальное место
Согласитесь, отдых должен быть комфортным. Поэтому выбирая место для нашего проекта, мы остановились на базе отдыха "Сосновая гора". Для наших Суперегроев - уютные номера с удобствами, вкусная домашняя кухня и природа, радующая глаз.
Профессиональная команда
Лучшие педагоги, игротехники Липецка задействованы в наших проектах.
Tour dates: May 2–20, 2016
Departing from London, we will make stops in Paris, Milan, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, and Hannover, and Amsterdam.
Why choose this tour?
Three good reasons to go
The Heart of Europe tour will give you an ample perspective, provide a consistent programme, and an opportunity to do some treasure hunting
One: New perspective
Never been to Europe and want to experience it all at once? Or maybe you have been to a few cities, but never got the big picture? If you're interested in cultural exploration and like traveling by train, this is a perfect tour for you. The Heart of Europe will enable you to experience every city on the route, and our guide will make sure you're getting the most of it.
Two: Consistent programme
On the way, expect truly exciting city tours, landmark visits, and shopping opportunities. We have boat trips and segway rides in store for you, so you won't be bored. Of course, you don't have to always follow the group. If you have your own plans, spend a day by yourself. The crew will be happy to help you build a route.
Three: Treasure hunting
Who doesn't like a good souvenir? We know everything about flea markets and food festivals on our trip, and we certainly will provide you an opportunity to dive in. For those looking to update their wardrobe, we'd recommend vintage shops. Old towns are full of discoveries, and whatever your tastes are, you will find something special to treat your loved ones.
Tour details
Shared or single rooms
The hotels we stay in are 3 or 4 stars. Breakfast is included in most hotels.
Age groups: 16–45
Visual communication takes place through pictures, graphs and charts.
Free cancellations
Book now and cancel anytime. No payment needed. You will only pay $7 booking fee.
Watch a tour video September's group kindly shared with us:
The tour was great. Shane tells fascinating stories about cities and people who used to live there. He knows so much we never were bored on the road. I liked traveling with a group, it's fun.
Margaret, 26
Fast paced snippets of the best that Europe has to offer! Highly recommend for 1st timer to experience all the different cultures and have enough time explore most capital city's in your own time.
Peter, 30
Total price: $1650
Includes transfers, accommodation,
and visa support
Additional payments may include boat and segway tour tickets, museums and art galleries, cafes and restaurants. Some hotels may charge for breakfast, laundry services, etc.
We strongly recommend you bring some additional cash for small spendings, such as snacks and subway tickets. The tips in European cities amount 7-10%.
Meet your guide: Shane Buckley
Shane is a professional historian with over 1o years of experience as a tour guide. Vast knowledge about city landmakrs, modern hotspots and history, he makes the tour fun for people of any cultural background.

The guide is not only for city tours: you can address Shane with any concerns and questions you might have. Our team will make sure that you're getting the most of your tour.
Book your tour now!
The booking is only $7. Flexible dates, cancel anytime
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